SEO Website Audit

SEO Website Audit – Ensuring You Have All the Ingredients for SEO Success

Your website may be your baby, but we’ll have to pull it apart to look at every facet that can affect where you rank on the search engines. Before we can dive into the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we will conduct a thorough SEO website audit to understand on-site and off-site elements that can cause indexing problems. No, we’re not talking about a generalized report that can be easily downloaded from a zillion Search Engine Optimization websites. At PowerHunters, we’re ready to get our hands greasy so we can give you specific recommendations that relate to your website.

Our SEO website audit will hone in on missed SEO opportunities and obstacles that are keeping you from higher rankings. However, not all of it may be bad. We’ll tell you exactly what’s working to your advantage and what’s not. Once we’re through with our diagnosis you can expect to weed out website domain issues, loading times, problems related to website architecture, structure, duplicate content, web copy, navigation, usability, inbound and outbound links, tags, site statistics and lots more. SEO website audit is the perfect prescription to get you closer to those coveted top rankings.