Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Any successful search engine optimization program requires strong attention to competitor analysis. It provides a firsthand look at how your SEO program could work for your business and what improvements or results you would enjoy with respect to your marketing goals. Further competitor analysis indicates what other companies have done, haven’t done, what worked for them and what didn’t.

At PowerHunters we conduct a thorough competitive analysis program which comprises of the following steps:

Deciding Which Competitors To Study

First we narrow down which competitors are most relevant to your business. The web is massive and there are a variety of business online. Rather than get lost in the chaos, we will work with your marketing teams to narrow down the most relevant competitors to study.

Onsite Competitor Analysis

The next step is to study what these competitors have done on their site to improve its visibility. It includes keyword research, placement, layout development, web design and content.

Offsite Analysis

Next we study the efforts undertaken outside of the site to give it credibility and respect within the online community. This includes the inbound links that have been generated, the strategy adopted (article submission, blog posting, comments, press releases and so on).

Competitor Monitoring

Finally we perform review and monitoring services on your competitors to ascertain what they are doing to stay on top, what innovative ideas they have implemented and if they are falling in the rankings, what mistakes they are making.

At PowerHunters, we know exactly how to make the most of the competitor analysis and use it to your advantage. Call us today at 310-961-4624 for a consultation.