Local Search Audit

Local Search Audit

It is already established that local search optimization is a vital aspect of any site enhancement program particularly for local businesses. It is estimated that 40% of all US retail states are strongly influenced by the Internet which means that before customers go out shopping, they check the net to see which stores offer the relevant products in the area, what the reviewers say, where it is located and any special offers available. A local search audit will enable you to assess just how visible your website and consequently your business are to such customers. You can then figure out a plan on how to improve its visibility and generate more business.

What a Local Search Audit Entails

At PowerHunters, we have an experienced team of professionals who know exactly how to perform a comprehensive and well-defined local search audit. Our team would conduct the following tasks:

  • Review existing listings and assess if there are any duplications or misleading details.

  • Analyze the top ranked sites and compare their commonalities to understand why they are performing so well.

  • Ensure that the name, address and phone number on all listings and other publications are uniform so that citation building becomes easier.

  • Prepare a report on what needs to be improved or corrected and thereby enhance your local search performance.

We are the pioneers of the latest techniques in search engine optimization like local search audit so call us today to get started on your website.