Link Wheel Service

Getting Ahead with a Link Wheel Service

As link building becomes more and more challenging, a variety of new techniques have emerged to improve results. One of these is the use of link wheel service. This uses a variety of articles on a variety of different sites to create a series of links, all the while ensuring that only one article links to another. It is best to understand this concept with the help of an example.

Consider Article A published on Site 1. This article will contain a link to Article B located on Site 2. Article B will contain a link to Article C located on Site 3 and this continues until ultimately the last article connects to your business’s site. This creates a strong network of backlinks which are valued strongly by search engines and thereby boosts your SERP ranking.


How PowerHunters Link Wheel Service Can Help

While the link wheel concept seems simple enough, it can actually be quite a challenge to implement. Creating multiple profiles on multiple sites is a lengthy and time consuming process which involves constantly validating the accuracy of the details and authenticity of the user. Secondly you will have to write a multitude of interesting, thought provoking, relevant and keyword centric articles and no matter how much of effort you put into it, you just may not be able to do it the way professionals can.

At PowerHunters, we have a team specializing entirely in the link wheel service solution. Our professionals will take care of everything from creating profiles on well known Web 2.0 sites, ones that are appreciated and respected by search engines. We will then proceed to prepare a number of articles on a variety of topics relevant to your site ready for posting. As a result, all the complexities associated with the link wheel service are handled by us, leaving you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

At PowerHunters, we are eager to support you as you charge forward towards your Internet marketing goals. Our link wheel service is excellent and dependable. Call us today for a consultation.