Edu Links

Edu Links That Drive Credibility

Ever since search engines began valuing backlinks for their search result rankings, SEO service providers have found new ways to generate them. Search engines then got smarter and starting analyzing the source of the link, placing greater value on more authentic sources. Edu links are links that originate from sites that have an .edu suffix as opposed to .org and .com suffixes. Since edu links originate from educational websites and are not usually published for personal gain, search engines value such links over all the others. A sound link building strategy should work towards generating a good number of quality edu links and this is where PowerHunters can help.

Our Edu Link Building Service

At PowerHunters, we believe in helping our clients obtain quality edu links through non-manipulative and manual methods. Our writers put together original and quality content on your behalf, which we get published on .edu sites ensuring that at least two links back to your site are created. Another approach is to comment on educational blogs with a link to your site. We have a team participating in educational communities and other forums, which also help in your edu link building program.

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