Directory Submissions

The Smart Solution to Directory Submissions

The starting point of any link building campaign likes in directory submissions. Online directories contain a repertoire of websites classified under different categories. When you submit your URL to a directory, you have to specify the category under which you want it to appear. Search engines use these directories as a starting point to find your site and if you submit to a well-respected quality directory that does not accept mass automated submissions; your site will start performing better.

Where Directory Submission Goes Wrong

A number of SEO firms and software applications offer automated directory submission services. The problem with this is that it can often get mistaken as SPAM and only the least respected directories support such submissions. Search engines tend to boycott sites listed on such sites and consequently if you don’t do it right, you could end up hurting your site considerably in the long run.

Effective Directory Submission Services

Our approach is a completely manual one. We ensure that every aspect of the service is done by a human being and without the help of any software or IT application. The submissions are made only to reputed directories and we guarantee that you will see results almost immediately. We take away the time consuming and effort intensive aspects of this function, including ID creation, password confirmation, mail ID verification and so on.

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