Competitor Backlink Analysis and Backlinking

Competitor Backlink Analysis and Backlinking

Historically to get your site well ranked on Google or Yahoo search results was to study the existing top 10 ranked sites, examine their structure, layout and keyword usage and try to do it better. This all changed when search engines started valuing backlinks or one way inbound links for their result rankings. Today, competitor backlink analysis is a critical tool to improve a sites’ SERP performance. Power Hunters Online, the leading search engine optimization service provider has a comprehensive competitor backlink analysis program, designed to help clients achieve even better results than their competitors.

Components of our Competitor Backlink Analysis Service

At Power Hunters Online, we use a variety of tools to generate a wide range of data about your competitor’s backlinking strategy. This includes:

  • Providing a summary of the top ranked sites for a given search term on leading search engines.

  • Generating a report on the number of pages of the competitors’ sites that are being indexed as compared to your site.

  • Studying the backlinks present on competitor’s sites and their relevance.

  • Sharing the age of the competitor’s site as older sites perform better than newer ones.

  • Revealing the Page Rank rating as this gives an indication of the value of the site’s backlinks.

At Power Hunters, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to meet our client’s requirements. Our competitor backlink analysis program is second to none; so call us today for a consultation at 310-961-4624