Blog Posts

Intelligent and Relevant Blog Posts That Demand a Response

Blog posts are a unique and extremely powerful way to achieve your link building strategy. The reason why it does so well is because it does not manipulate search engines in any way. Your link will be posted on a published blog in the midst of a freshly written article; all the things that search engines are looking for. This way your link is coming from a reputed and respected source, which in turn adds credibility to your site.

How Blog Posts Work

At Power Hunters, we offer blog posts in the following way:

  • First our writers prepare an interesting 200 to 300-word article about your business, service, product or other related topic that your customers will be interested in.

  • The writers ensure that they add 2 to 3 links to your site at key locations throughout the copy using keyword driven anchor text.

  • The article is then published on our network of blogs and remains there for its lifetime.

  • The link is authentic, coming from a reliable source and search engines value its presence.

We at Power Hunters are constantly endeavoring to provide unique and beneficial services to our clients.

Our blog posts are an excellent example so call us today and let’s get to work.