Blog Comments

Relevant and Timely Blog Comments That Are Noticed

Another excellent way to generate backlinks to your site is blog comments. It has historically been one of the easiest link building techniques but in recent times has become more complex thanks to the influx of a number of manipulative trends that have developed amongst unscrupulous SEO service providers.

How Blog Comments Work

Bloggers for the large part like to write and have other people comment on their views. That’s why the comment box exists apart from providing an avenue for the blogger and his readers to interact. Blog comments can be used to generate one way back links by adding a worthwhile comment to a relevant post and including your link. If the comment is interesting and thought provoking, the blogger will probably be happy to host your backlink.

Where Blog Comments Go Awry

Unfortunately in recent times, many SEO service providers use automated blog comment generators that simply post general comments like ‘nice read’ and add their link. As a result many bloggers use tools like Akismet to detect such automated posts and block them in advance. Alternatively they use features like ‘No Follow’, which again prevents such posts.

At PowerHunters we have a wide database of bloggers and their preferences. Our blog comments are all 100% manual, our writers read through the blog and come up with relevant informative comments ensuring that the comment gets accepted. We also ensure that our comment is one of the first 10.

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