PowerHunters Services

PowerHunters has been offering Internet Marketing solutions to our discerning set of clients for a number of years. Over time we have widened our service offering to include a range of options to website and business owners who are looking to garner more attention and visitors to their site. Here are some of the services we provide.

Search Engine Optimization

At the onset we can help your site become friendlier for search engines. We know just what they are looking and with the help of our sound principles and knowledge of the subject, we can take your site from oblivion to the top 10 search results.

Link Building

A key component of getting your site respected and valued by search engines is a sound link building strategy. You need reputed links from sound sources so that your site appears credible to search engines and online guests. We can help you do this through a variety of techniques.

Local Search

If yours is a local business and you haven’t yet caught on the local search optimization bus, hop on before it’s too late. Customers rely on the net to choose their local suppliers so unless you are net savvy, you will lose out.

Social Media

The social media is the latest buzzword in the Internet marketing world. More people are on Facebook than on Google and they’re on it for a much longer time. Exploiting its potential is essential for business survival and we can help you do that.

Reputation Management

We can not only help build your brand but protect it from negative forces that intend to bring it down. Our brand management and online reputation repair services work hand in hand to give you a positive online image.

Video Production

You can use the power of motion imagery to bring your ideas, products and services to life for greater visibility and impact. Our technical expertise and creative imagination delivers exceptional video solutions.

Web Design

From website design and logo design to landing page design and social media design, we offer the complete package. Our unique and innovative creations will definitely give you a competitive edge.

The Internet allows you to use a variety of marketing techniques at a fraction of the cost that is usually associated with it. Reputation management, video production and web design are some examples and we can help with all three.

At PowerHunters, we know the how’s, what’s and why’s. All you need to do is become the ‘who’ and we’ll take from there.